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For over 50 years, I have helped businesses and individuals resolve conflicts and settle disputes. As a Coach, I teach clients negotiation skills, and best negotiation processes, with the goal of empowering them to resolve their conflicts and disputes themselves. My interest is to use my skills, education, and training as a Coach to help my clients successfully manage conflicts in their lives.

I am called to be a peacemaker, peacebuilder, and to co-create peace and well-being.

We all need strategies to manage conflicts in our business and personal lives.  My intention when coaching clients who are working on resolving conflicts in their life, is to coach “The Art of Compromise”, with the goal of co-creating a win/win solution to the problem at hand and achieving peace and wellbeing in their life. 


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Dispute Resolution Coaching

Negotiation Coaching

Co-Create Peace and Well-Being

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Why Choose Coach Cherry?
Throughout my 50+ year career as a lawyer and in non-profit worlds, I was often confronted with work/life balance issues. I’ve learned a lot about the significance of self-care, and I’m enthusiastic about assisting professionals in integrating these practices and choosing how they want to spend their time consciously.